About Us


As the saying goes-

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

My single step was the name- I loved the idea of Gypsy (that's me) a little weird, like to travel and full of love & passion. I was lucky to marry my Cowboy- Mr Straight Cut Old School Country Boy. The mix just seems to work. 

I have dreams and visions of all weird & wonderful ideas that change daily. But this one- to travel and make a living, soon become a reality.

So here we are; a good ol' country clothing supplier with my sweet little twist of boho gypsy style and a few hidden gems and surprises to be found. 

I have the passion and dedications, but not always the brains- that's where my family came into it, their patience to support me with my wild dreams. 

"Add that sweet twist of me and you never know what hidden gems you will find"

Love Keran- Gypsy 💕


Country | Western | Boho | Gypsy